Thursday, 31 October 2013

Diana Prince

I am currently working on a new 'Secret Identity' painting, the eleventh in the series but only the first female hero.  The photo above shows the packaging for the model kit which forms the basis of the painting, a reproduction of an Aurora kit from the 1960s.  As well as superheroes Aurora also made an excellent series of Universal Monster model kits which I would love to find a way to use in some future paintings.  The question of the lack of superheroines in the 'Secret Identity' series has come up several times and my response has been twofold: in practical terms I have simply been unable to find a female figure that works well in a bag until now; in conceptual terms I was reluctant as, in my mind, the primary idea in the series is that of stymied machismo and I feared that may be undermined by the inclusion of superheroines.  Of course, I needn't have worried; Wonder Woman looks fantastic in her bag and, for me, has a very different feeling from the other paintings.  She is fierce, defiant and strong and I have high hopes for the finished painting. 

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